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Today’s commercial buildings are increasingly air tight and filled with heat generating office equipment and lighting, which presents a problem for anyone trying to maintain a stable and comfortable internal environment.

With buildings accounting for around half of all UK greenhouse emissions, legislation is demanding higher standards of air quality and increased energy efficiency.

To reduce the impact of the built environment the challenge is to find cooling, heating and ventilation solutions that match energy efficiency with complete flexibility of design and control.

Our innovative and pioneering air conditioning systems offer more than double the efficiency levels of 10 -15 year-old systems and can also be far more efficient than traditional methods of cooling and heating buildings, resulting in reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

Our new range of advanced, inverter driven chillers are set to challenge the traditional way of delivering cooling and heating. The highly efficient e-series modular chiller range is designed to answer the need for controllable, energy efficient cooling and heating with a host of advanced features and benefits.

Today’s systems can simultaneously heat and cool different spaces to balance energy use across a building and sanitary hot water can even be supplied from the same system.

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